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New website urges people to speak up for MDGs
16 December 2004

The Millennium Campaign.The Millennium Campaign.
New York: The United Nations Millennium Campaign has launched its global website to encourage people to get actively involved in global initiatives towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

An initiative of the United Nations, the Millennium Campaign is inviting the planet’s six billion people to use their voice to speak up and demand their governments to live up to their commitments to the Goals.

At the Millennium Summit in 2000, heads of 189 countries adopted an eight-goal action plan. They pledged to end poverty and hunger, ensure all boys and girls complete primary school, promote gender equality, reduce the number of children dying before they reach the age of five, reduce the number of mothers dying giving birth, stop the spread of deadly diseases such as AIDS, protect the environment and ensure access to clean water – all by 2015.

In September 2005 world leaders will meet again at the United Nations to review their last five years’ performance. They are likely to be asked why they are off track. It provides citizens a window of opportunity to make a real difference to the living conditions of most of the world’s population. This generation is the first one that can put an end to poverty, illiteracy and disease and should refuse to miss that opportunity.

The Campaign’s website provides citizens, civil society, elected officials and parliamentarians, media and young people with a platform to have their voices heard and provide concrete actions to remind their governments of their commitments.

The Campaign is engaging and mobilizing existing campaigns on trade, education, health and debt by working together with NGOs, faith-based organizations, local authorities, youth groups, parliamentarians, media, celebrities and the general public.

On the Millennium Campaign website, people can find out what is happening in their countries, regions or cities and sign up to receive personalized news and action updates. They can learn how to become part of a movement for building political will to ensure a safer, more just and equal world in which millions of people will break free from the trap of extreme poverty.

The Millennium Development Goals represent a global partnership committing rich and poor countries to do their part in fighting world poverty. Today the world has the money and knowledge to achieve the Goals, but what is keeping the world from achieving it is the lack of political will to put the issues on national and global agendas – both in developing and developed countries. Developing countries need to bring the Goals into their policies, plans and budgets, to improve their governance, and to build up their human resources and work towards the realization of the first seven Goals. The world needs developed countries to fulfill their commitment on Goal 8 by giving more aid, and make it more effective. We need them to offer more debt relief and trade opportunities, and to end the unfair competition in agricultural trade.

Visit the Millennium Campaign website

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