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Pakistan National Youth Service inducts 500 new volunteers
08 April 2004

Punjab: The Pakistan National Youth Service (PNYS) has enrolled 1,000 volunteers for the promotion of education in Kasur District of Punjab, which has the lowest literacy rate in the province. About 500 of these volunteers were inducted during an oath-taking ceremony in Kasur recently. PNYS launched in late 2003 with 100 volunteers.

These volunteers will verify data collected by the department of education for the Universal Primary Education Project -- an initiative of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the district government of Kasur for promoting literacy amongst children ages five to nine years. The target is 100 percent literacy.

PNYS volunteers have already produced some significant results such as admitting over 3,000 children to schools, arranging for the provision of uniforms for 200 poor and orphan children and providing books and note pads for needy children.

Ali Khan, PNYS country coordinator attributes much of the success to the "ceaseless efforts of Donald Eberly, President of the International Association for National Youth Service and advisor for PNYS, who has provided unflinching support, guidance and encouragement in the establishment of PNYS and its programmes".

Khan also reports "very encouraging and positive feedback from some adult sections of the community". These adults, who Khan says insisted on participating in the project, were welcomed as volunteers for the programme.

From: ICP News

Published by Innovations in Civic Participation