Recognizing volunteers at the Beijing Olympics
18 August 2008

The Beijing 2008 volunteers logo. (Beijing 2008)The Beijing 2008 volunteers logo. (Beijing 2008)
Beijing, China: The UN's Olympic volunteer celebration on 7 August, organized by UNV and UNDP, was only the second such event in the last five years to be covered on China's top prime time news programme 'Xinwen Lianbo'. It featured on central, provincial and local media news channels across the country from 7.00 to 7.30 pm.  The estimated audience was 400 million people.

China's leading English newspaper, China Daily, featured a large photograph of the event on page four on 8 August. Below are links to English- and Chinese-language coverage.

China Daily: Volunteers fulfill dreams, ambitions

See also: People’s Daily, Women of China

BOCOG: UN lauds Olympic volunteers' contributions

CRI: Everyone Has A Role to Play


Xinhua News Agency: UN Under Secretary-General: volunteerism will become one of Olympic legacies

            Sourced by: 新浪网人民网搜狐


Sina:Zhou Xun Shared volunteer experience on the “Beijing Olympic Volunteer Celebration” Event


CCTV-4: UN Under secretary-general: Volunteers make us feel at home

联合国电台:联合国驻华系统"为北京奥运志愿者喝彩" (Video)

UN Radio: UN China System holds “Beijing Olympic Volunteer Celebration”


UN Radio: UN Secretary-General sends encouraging messages to volunteers.


UN Radio: UN China System celebrates for Beijing Olympic volunteers

搜狐:联合国为奥运志愿者喝彩 向世界传递经验 (Video)

Sohu:  UN celebrates for Olympic volunteers, share experience with the world

财经网:联合国副秘书长谈北京空气质量 UN Under secretary-general talks about air quality of Beijing


International Business Times: UN joins with BOCOG celebrates for the Olympic volunteers


Chengdu Daily: Zhou Xun celebrates for Beijing Olympics volunteers

今晚报:为北京奥运志愿者喝彩 周迅:我也是志愿者(图)

Jin Wanbao: Celebrating for Beijing Olympics volunteers, Zhou Xun said I am also a volunteer.

新浪:周迅为志愿者加油 与代表分享服务经历

Sina: Zhou Xun celebrates for volunteers and shares experience with representatives


Laodong Wubao: UN Secretary-General sends encouraging messages to volunteers.


People's Daily: Beijing Volunteer Association wins 'UN Distinctive Services Organizing Award'

            Sourced by: Xinhua News Agency, 厦门热线西藏热线


China Youth Daily: Beijing Volunteer Association wins 'UN Distinctive Services Organizing Award'


People's Daily: UN Secretary-General sends encouraging messages to all Beijing Olympics volunteers.


China Youth Daily: UN China System Calls For More Int’l assistance to Aid China Quake Relief Efforts

新浪娱乐: 周迅实践志愿者工作 倡导做大“我们的贡献”

Sina:  Zhou Xun practices voluntary work, and advocate "our part"

            Sourced by: 千龙网

雅虎财经:联合国和奥组委举办庆祝活动,激励和慰问致力于奥运会和社会发展的志愿者 将奥运志愿精神转化为发展动力

Yahoo Finance: UN joins hands with BOCOG to hold celebration to encourage social and Olympics volunteers, and transfer Olympic volunteerism to driving forces

             Sourced by: 美国证券网中国财经网财华网

网易:为奥运志愿者喝彩 周迅透露会与男友一起关注 Zhou Xun joins UN’s event to celebrate Olympic volunteers

            Sourced by: Beijing Radio, Tom网


Jinghua: UN Official: Good environment left as Olympics legacy


Qianlong: Olympics Volunteers: We are everywhere. We are tired but happy.


Farmer's Daily: Over 70,000 volunteers have participated into Olympics services


Guangming Daily: Humanized China shows the smiles of volunteers

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