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Singapore's President Nathan urges citizens to volunteer
28 June 2005

Singapore City, Singapore: President SR Nathan called upon Singaporeans to lend more support, through volunteering and financial donation, to the “President’s Challenge”, a government-led national volunteering programme.

Specifically addressing young people, he urges everyone to “keep up the spirit of giving and volunteering” even if the programme has already met its S$8 million target for this year.

The President’s call came exactly six months after the devastating tsunami affected countries within the region.

He lauded the work of Singapore volunteers in tsunami-hit countries where they have helped and continue to play a role in the reconstruction process. But the President said it's important to keep this up.

He said, "We are city dwellers living in comfort and it is very easy to forget that people affected by disasters are sometimes in a hopeless state."

"So I think it's good to encourage our young to help... there would be many areas where young people can go to sacrifice their time and effort and take part in projects."

The President's Challenge is an annual series of community-based activities intiated by President Nathan in 2000 to rally the public towards helping those in need of assistance and build a “more cohesive society”.