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The Volunteers' Odyssey: an attractive and intelligent TV program
01 June 2002

The Volunteers' Odyssey is what the world audience is expecting for its information, its fun and for the betterment of our unsteady world!

Imagine 21 young professional reporters coming from all over the world, Africans, Europeans, Americans, Asians... Imagine them running around the world with a camera in their hands!

Right here and far away, they will film volunteers who, day after day, take risks to save a person, to protect refugees, to defend liberty, to promote peace, to support life...

Imagine our terrific reporters shooting their most crazy images, writting their most creative screenplays, mixing fun and emotions,

surprise and deep concerns through 43 countries across the five continents...

A journey around the world, 49 reports about voluntarism made by motivated young reporters, 12 different themes allowing a new approach

on sustainable development.

A journalistic research focused on the human aspect of voluntarism through 43 cultures of the world.

Seven teams covering tens of thousands of kilometers with their camera on the shoulder.

An adventure game where the public makes a winner of his favourite team voting by phone and email, an audience who answers video-enigmas to win trips to volunteers' sites to discover the world and its diversity!

Solidarity is the ideal that 21 young reporters from 22 to 31 years old, are now keeping with current tastes.

She is Cecile Verstraeten, a Belgian girl with a smooth camera, he is Walter Romeo, the Italian that cames from Regio Calabria and will visit Papua New Guinea in one of his seven trips.

She is Sandra Camps, the Spanish reporter who has worked with CCN+ and El Pais, he is Tchindebe from Chad, he produces TV programs to

sensibilize youngs Africans to AIDS' dangers...

He is Julius Keya and left Kenya for the very first time of his life to fly with his team mates, Przemek the Polish guy and Anais the Canadian girl, to Nicaragua, Cambodia, Bangladesh and many other places...

They are 21 different stories!

They are here, they are coming from afar, they have covered their first step, they are going to leave for the second one, you can meet them, ask them about their motivation and find what they have discovered during their peregrinations...

It is a modern times' Odyssey, a journey to the cutting edge of the humanity from Argentina to Washington, from Nepal to Soweto, from

Brussels to the Samoans. They'll take you along, you'll follow them and you'll get surprised!

Brussels is the central headquarter from where the seven teams are flying to and back every site each ten days.

Take your TV screen under your arm and fly with them. Volunteers are 100 millions around the world, we are visiting 49 sites, with 21

reporters but you're alone to find the answer of the enigma!

49 programmes eight minutes long in seven language versions to be broadcast in 100 channels around the world...

More information on the site:

Come on and take a breakfeast with the reporters, make them an interview, film their departure, make a scoop!!!

The address is -- rue Gheude 49, at 1070 Bruxelles --

More details by email at

or use the fax

02 538 30 53

and our cellphone

+32 (0) 486 751 668

With the support of the European Commission, United Nations, Federal

Belgium Government, French Community of Belgium,, Le Bureau

du Voyage,,

An event conceived and produced by PI, Prospective Internationale in

coproduction with Alice Production (Belgium), Cedecom (Spain),

Sustainable Society (UK and Italy), Wild Side production (UK), Kunik

Productions (Germany), DRS Film (The Netherlands), Viva! Pictures