Thousands of Canadian elementary students learn how to show they care
10 May 2006

Quebec, Canada: More than 12,000 school children participated this morning in the Caring for Others School Project, a volunteer awareness event organized by the 18 Centraides of Quebec, a volunteer-led organization, in Canada.

Thanks to the participation of the schools and local community agencies, the children, ages nine and 10 from 280 schools, were made aware of the values of volunteering and community service.

They were visited by hundreds of volunteers and community workers from Centraide supported agencies who explained to them why it is so important to give something back to the community, and told them about their personal experience of "Caring for Others", a Centraide project.

The Caring for Others School Project has two components. First, a preparatory phase during which students complete a workbook in class with their teacher. This workbook contains exercises and games designed to introduce the students to the concepts of caring and volunteering, to encourage them to help others, and to show them how to identify and meet the needs of people in their own community.

Second, the Caring for Others event per se, during which volunteers and staffers from local community agencies come and speak to the students in order to put a face on the concepts which they learned in class.

"The Caring for Others School Project is a wonderful tool for teaching children about the role played by volunteers and the community agencies," said Louis Champoux, president of the Assembly of Quebec Centraides. "By means of exercises, games and personal testimony, we awaken kids to the fact that volunteering meets real needs in their own neighbourhood, and that you're never too young to get involved and show you care."

The Caring for Others School Project is an initiative of the Centraides of Quebec. Since its inception in 2000, this awareness activity has reached more than 93,000 grade four students in every region of the province.

From: CNW Group, Canada

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