UK announces details of Year of the Volunteer 2005
12 November 2004

London: Community Service Volunteers (CSV) and Volunteering England have both been appointed by the UK's Home Office to run the campaign to promote and support Year of the Volunteer 2005.

The Home Office has committed support to CSV to develop the campaign in England in partnership with a new network of agencies. CSV will be working with the network to establish a year of twelve themed months, as well as creating a programme of activities to generate more opportunities for volunteers.

Meanwhile, Volunteering England has formed a consortium comprising of the Media Trust, Youthnet UK, TimeBank, Business in the Community and Youth Action Network to deliver their part of the campaign.

The focal point for the consortium will be Volunteers’ Week 1-7 June.The consortium’s programme for the Year is currently being pulled together, but it will include a high-profile media campaign, promotional materials, grants, workshops and do-it-yourself (DIY) kits for people to organise their own volunteering activity.

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From: UK Home Office

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