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UK organization releases student volunteering guide
16 March 2005

London: Student Volunteering England (SVE) today launched a booklet to provide information on “everything you wanted to know about student volunteers – but were afraid to ask”.

The booklet, Making It Happen!, offers valuable insights on how to attract student volunteers to an organization, how to retain them and tips on giving orientation to new volunteers.

Produced as part of the Year of the Volunteer 2005, the guide also explores some of the practicalities involved in working with student volunteers.

“It is a way of managing the expectations of students and organizations alike, and really helping to “make it happen”, says SVE Director Graham Allcott.

“Student volunteers are unique both in what they can offer to organizations and vice-versa,” he explains.

“They bring special skills, bags of enthusiasm, flexibility and are keen to take on positions of responsibility. But they are also looking for experiences that could enhance their skills and make them stand out in an increasingly more competitive employment market, and are often juggling course commitments with paid work, clubs and societies, family commitments, and a little bit of socialising.”

To obtain a copy of “Making It Happen!” or for more information contact or call (+44) 0800 0182 146.

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