UK project makes volunteering more accessible in rural areas
21 April 2005

Kent: Volunteering England launches today in Kent its £1-million Home Office funded “Rural Volunteer Point” project which makes it easier for people in rural communities to access information about volunteering.

Each Volunteer Point will be located in a publicly accessible space in a local community. Volunteer Points brings current information on volunteering and opportunities to get involved into the heart of rural communities. It also provides support in increasing the quantity and quality of volunteer work.

Chris Penberthy, Director of Capacity Building and Infrastructure Development at Volunteering England said, “This project is an exciting opportunity to provide a better service to support volunteering in rural communities where volunteers already substantially enhance the local quality of life and provide local services.”

The project aims to set up 160 Volunteer Points by March 2006. It is managed by Volunteering England in partnership with Volunteer Centres, and local venues.

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