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UN Volunteer receives poverty award for work in West Bank
02 November 2004

New York: The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) recently awarded a UN Volunteer for his exemplary work in helping improve primary education in the West Bank.

UN Volunteer Bader Zama’rah heads an organization called Sharek ( which means "participate" in Arabic). Together with young volunteers, Bader assists students in their school work in an effort to increase education opportunities in the region.

Five awards were given to young people who have made excellent contributions in reducing poverty in their communities. The event in New York, USA, commemorated the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, 17 October.

The efforts of the young awardees proved that young people have the ability to be a major force in catalyzing change and in helping achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a set of objectives which include reducing poverty by half, ensuring primary education and empowering women by 2015.

“By honouring these five men and women, we are demonstrating the capabilities of young people around the world to tackle these global problems with inspiring and innovative approaches,” noted UNDP Administrator Mark Malloch Brown.

“From the founding of a national youth council in Panama to the training of HIV counselors in Papua New Guinea, projects spearheaded by energetic and enthusiastic young people can be replicated around the world and serve as a major force in achieving the MDGs."

The other awardees were Samuel Magassosso for helping provide livelihoods to former refugees in Mozambique; Youth leader Edith Castillo Nuñez for successfully engaging young people in Panama; Bessie Maruia of Papua New Guinea provided an enabling environment for young people to combat HIV/Aids and Mirzokhaydar Isoev for promoting cross-border peace and stability and improving access to water in Tajikistan.

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From: United Nations Development Programme