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UNV Kyrgyzstan celebrates Global Youth Day
13 April 2003

Bishkek: The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) Programme, together with the NGO League of Volunteers (LV) in Kyrgyzstan, celebrated Global Youth Service Day (GYSD), a three-day event that recognize young people’s volunteer work to improve communities.

Kyrgyzstan celebrated with the theme "Youth Changes the World" for this year’s GYSD that was held from 11 until 13 April. GYSD is an annual global event that celebrates, recognizes and mobilizes assistance of young people in building communities through voluntary service and the work done by community groups in empowering young people.

On 11 and 12 April, the organizers gave an orientation to students from four major universities in the capital Bishkek. More than 100 participants, mostly Social Work students, attended the activity.

In Seyil, located 15 km from Bishkek, 30 people volunteered to clean up a recreation area. In addition, 10 volunteers from LV discussed with local volunteers how to maintain the area clean.

Back in the capital, ten volunteers took time out to play and held art sessions with sight-impaired students of Bishkek’s State Boarding School. Simultaneously, an art exhibit of children’s paintings was held at the open gallery in the Central Square to give recognition to the children’s talents and the volunteers’ efforts.

For further information please visit LV website at and GYSD website at