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Viet Nam's volunteer campaign attracted thousands
02 June 2005

Young Vietnamese volunteers in Ho Chi Minh. 
(Source: Vietnamese volunteers in Ho Chi Minh. (Source:
Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam: An estimated 10,000 young people are joining Viet Nam's Green Summer 2005, a campaign to help provide better communities throughout the country, says Nguyen Thanh Long, secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth Union, yesterday.

From July until August, the young volunteers, including 100 foreign volunteers from six countries, will teach English and basic computers to high school students, help create English websites and build bridges, among others.

Organized by Viet Nam’s Youth Union, this year tops as having largest number of international volunteers since the campaign started 11 years ago.

The Green Summer 2005 is held with the theme "Creativeness, Effectiveness and Safety". During the campaign, volunteers will don blue shirts and disseminate information on health care programmes and cultural exchange schemes. They will also help highschool students to prepare for their university entrance exams and assist directing traffic in cities across the country.