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Voluntary Services Overseas recruiting volunteers from India
09 January 2004

New Delhi: Starting 2004 Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO), an international development charity will start recruiting VSO volunteers from India to work in other developing countries in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. VSO ( will recruit volunteers through a program called "iVolunteer Overseas" ( which is a joint initiative with MITRA, a non-profit charity based in India.

For the first batch of volunteers VSO is looking to recruit volunteers from the skill areas of NGO Management, Microfinance, IT training and Fundraising.

A typical VSO volunteering assignment last for 2 years and the volunteers are provided with Travel Assistance, Grants, Training support and a modest monthly allowance during the period of their placements.

Volunteering through VSO is a "Life Changing" experience, both for the volunteer and for the people with whom they live and work. VSO volunteers get the chance to learn a new language, live in another culture, and develop career and leadership skills. From building your professional expertise to gaining a greater understanding of "the big picture," volunteering with VSO helps in sharpening skills, expanding one’s experience, and increasing understanding.

The chance to make a real difference in other people's lives is the reason most volunteers serve in VSO’s programmes around the world. Volunteers are also interested in bringing back new skills and insights to enrich development work in their home countries. Like all volunteers, they have a strong sense of adventure and are excited about experiencing a different culture.