Volunteer centre promotes youth volunteering in Europe
10 May 2005

Belgrade: The Center for the Development of Non-Profit Sector’s (CRNPS) Volunteer Centre recently launched the “Towards European Integration Through Youth Volunteer” project, aimed at promoting volunteering amongst young people within European Union (EU) member countries, in Belgrade, former Yugoslavia.

Financed by the EU through the European Agency for Reconstruction and in cooperation with the European Movement in Serbia, the project encourages young people, ages 15 to 25, to volunteer and know more about the expanded EU, become more integrated and help build communities.

The goal of the project is to inform the public about the European integration process and transfer European experiences to the local communities. The project also opens opportunities for local organizations to expand their networks, acquire multicultural and multinational experience, and increase cultural tolerance within EU countries.

The CRNPS Volunteer Centre is implementing the project with the Centre for Development of Non-Profit Sector in Western Serbia.

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From: OneWorld Southeast Europe

From: Center for Development of Non-Profit Sector, Serbia & Montenegro

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