Volunteers needed for 2008 Beijing Olympics
27 June 2006

Beijing, China: The Beijing Organizing Committee will begin recruiting volunteers worldwide for the 2008 Olympic Games from August, Beijing Evening News reported today.

A survey showed that more than 1 million people will apply to be volunteers.

The committee has recruited 128 volunteers this year, and is scheduled to recruit another 800 volunteers in the two years to prepare for the Games.

Besides, 374 volunteers will be recruited and trained to serve the 11th World Woman's Softball tournament.

All applicants will have a chance to receive basic training and more than 100,000 volunteers will attend thorough position-related training sessions. Another 5,000 volunteers who will serve in key positions will receive intensified training programs.

The committee has already designed textbooks and work schedules for the volunteers. Beijing universities and training institutions will offer equipment and space for the training courses. 

If you interested in becoming a volunteer, please visit: www.beijing2008.com.

Please do NOT sent your application letter or resume to the World Volunteer Web as we are not involved in recruiting volunteers for the 2008 Olympics.

From: Shanghai Daily, China
© Shanghai Daily

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