Volunteers supply safe delivery kits to camps in Uganda
05 April 2005

Thousands of expectant mothers living in camps in the insurgency-affected regions of northern Uganda are now receiving safe delivery kits. The Red Cross Society is providing them the life-saving kits with the help of volunteers.

Women are now the sole breadwinners. Babies strapped on their backs, firewood balancing on their heads and pregnant, they must provide for their families even if it means risking their lives outside the camps where the LRA are waiting to cut off their lips and breasts.

"We've lived to beg and given birth to beggars who in turn have given birth to other beggars. The begging seems universal and eternal," says Millie Ajok.

"The future of northern Uganda," says Robert Kwesiga of the Uganda Red Cross Society, "lies in the hands of these women. Mothers must produce healthy children that must live. Those children may be leaders of this country.

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