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Volunteers' work worth millions in Singapore: Study
08 March 2005

Singapore City, Singapore: About $605.4 million worth of work was generated by volunteers in Singapore in a year, the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) stated yesterday. And though most Singaporeans preferred to volunteer on an ad hoc basis, they put in an estimated 35 million hours of volunteer work.

The NVPC gave these estimates at the launch of its book, Best Practices in Volunteer Management, yesterday.

The monetary value of the contributions was derived based on the average wage rate of the services sector. The statistics came from a survey of 1,700 citizens, permanent residents and expatriates aged 15 and above.

Volunteer guru Susan Ellis said new volunteers prefer short-term, goal-oriented assignments. This was "prevalent" around the world. But it need not be viewed as a "negative", as the work could evolve into something "more meaningful" in the long run.