Young Vietnamese volunteers campaign for cleaner capital on Environment Day
10 June 2005

Hanoi: On World Environment Day, 5 June, youth volunteer groups marched the streets of the capital Hanoi in Viet Nam to call for a greener and cleaner city. With the slogan "Clean Street, Green Environment," they held a cycling and walking tour around the capital campaigning for “a better capital city.”

The young volunteers also encouraged Viet Nam’s youth to support the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), specifically the objectives addressing environment sustainability or Goal 7.

Hanoi is facing significant environment problem because of its burgeoning population. It has over 3 million inhabitants, 1.8 of which are living in urban centres. Everyday, Hanoi residents generate about 2,000 tons of waste but only 1,600 could be collected. It is estimated that by the end of 2005, the capital will produce over 850,000 tons of waste annually. Although the city government has tried to improve their waste collection and treatment capacity, Hanoi's streets are still not cleaner due to notorious littering practice of its people.

The campaign "Hanoi and MDG 7 - Environmental Sustainability" is sponsored by the National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) and the Vietnam's Forum for Environmental Journalists (VFEJ), funded by UN Volunteer Organization (UNV), and technically supported by People and Nature Reconciliation (PanNature).

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