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Youth network eases volunteers' mobility in southeastern Europe
19 April 2004

Sarajevo: The Southeast Europe Youth Network (SEEYN) recently launched the "Albert Einstein" project which will assist governments within the region in creating legislations favourable to volunteers.

The project specifically aims to improve volunteers’ mobility in southeastern Europe by helping legistlators create volunteer travel visa laws. Volunteers’ work contribute to establishing peace and security in the region. Enabling volunteers’ to be more mobile will generate more volunteer involvement, creating more peace and stability, in the region.

To achieve these goals, in the next ten months, SEEYN will conduct a survey led by the United Nations Volunteers in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Balkan Human Rights Network (BHRN), a non-governmental organization aimed at promoting human rights in the Balkan region. In addition, a video documentary competition on "volunteerism and its advantages" will be opened and a conference of volunteering and youth will be held.

"Albert Einstein" targets to work with volunteer-involving organizations and government agencies in countries such as Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, Albania, Bulgaria and Macedonia.

The project is funded under the FRESTA fund, an initiative of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

SEEYN is an NGO composed of a network of regional-and national-based volunteer-involving organizations.

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