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29 December 2010
Teens give boost to volunteerism 
Tokyo, Japan: What originally started out as a foreign youth group now networks across national lines. American School in Japan alumnus Jonathan Higa and student Alex Heideman are setting an example for others interested in volunteerism by boosting the youth activities of Hands On Tokyo, a nonprofit organization offering community services.  Visit site

29 December 2010
Volunteerism should promote peace 
Islamabad, Pakistan: President Asif Ali Zardari has stressed the need for recognising and utilising the power of volunteerism to promote peace, harmony and development around the world.  Visit site
15 December 2010
Video Volunteers Announces 'IndiaUnheard' - The World's First Community News Service 
Goa, India: Video Volunteers today announced the release of the 150th video made by its IndiaUnheard Community Correspondents. One of the most significant, growing collections of content ever created by rural communities reporting on – and changing – their realities, IndiaUnheard is Video Volunteers' flagship "Community News Service."   Visit site

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19 May 2010
UNV volunteer shoots '8 Goals for Africa' 
Pretoria, South Africa: A UNV volunteer has brought together Africa's top musicians for a high-profile campaign connecting the Millennium Development Goals with the FIFA World Cup in South Africa.  Read article
10 May 2010
Bringing Beijing volunteerism to the Shanghai Expo 
Shanghai, China: Lessons learned from the Beijing Olympic volunteers will be on show in Shanghai this year, as more than a million volunteers gather to support the 2010 Expo.  Read article
29 March 2010
West Africa volunteers scheme launched  
Monrovia, Liberia: Some 1,000 youths from across West Africa have marched through the streets of the Liberian capital, Monrovia, to launch a new regional volunteer scheme.

The scheme would see youths spend time helping out in areas such as agriculture, health or education in a different country to their own.

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12 March 2010
UN and partners kick off massive anti-polio drive in West and Central Africa 
United Nations agencies and their partners launched a polio immunization campaign targeting 85 million children under the age of five in 19 countries across West and Central Africa.   Visit site

More about: Health
11 February 2010
Cashing in on baby boomer plans by Bernard Salt
Melbourne, Australia: One of the stipulations that came through the Monash focus groups time and time again was that boomers didn't just want to volunteer; they wanted meaningful engagement. By this they meant doing something that made a difference and that used (and acknowledged) their skills.  Visit site
16 January 2010
Crisis Camp Haiti: Techno-types volunteer their computer skills to aid quake victims by Bob Pool
San Diego, USA: Thomas and about 45 other self-described "techies and geo-geeks" and other volunteers met at USC to collaborate on ways to use computers to design improved maps of battered Port-au-Prince neighborhoods, concoct better family-locater services for quake victims and speed more accurate and timely relief information from more closely coordinated data feeds   Visit site

From: Los Angeles Times, USA
15 January 2010
More than 7,000 US nurses volunteer for Haiti 
Oakland, USA: More than 7,000 nurses in the United States have volunteered to go to Haiti to help injured survivors of the devastating earthquake.

National Nurses United, a national union, says nurses nationwide have answered its appeal to travel to the island country. Spokesman Charles Idelson said Friday that more than 1,000 nurses have registered in California and about 500 in New York.

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