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10 June 2008
WHO official praises volunteerism shown in China post-quake response 
The World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday praised China's health emergency response as "quick, effective and well organized" in the wake of the fatal earthquake that has killed nearly 70,000 people in the southwestern province of Sichuan. Dr Hans Troedsson, WHO's Representative in China was particularly impressed with the "high level of dedication and volunteerism of medical professionals."   Visit site

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06 June 2008
Big business gives back: Skills-based volunteerism by MAtthew Kirdahy
New York, USA: Deloitte has been one of the pioneers of this new practice, where corporate America lends its time and professional skills to nonprofits nationwide. The goal is to show them how to run their business.  Visit site
05 June 2008
There's no rest on planetary duty 
Paul Watson, an 'eco-warrior', and his volunteer crew fight back against those who despoil the seas. One of the founders of Greenpeace, Watson has commanded more than 200 voyages aimed at stopping Antarctic and Arctic whaling, illegal long-line fishing in the Pacific, the killing of seals in Canada and, more recently, poaching and shark-finning in Galapagos.  Visit site

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05 June 2008
Chinese volunteers reflect on a turbulent year 
China's devastating earthquake has sparked widespread volunteerism and a surge of patriotism among young people. Here is a selection of voices from China's "post-'80" generation on how this dramatic year has affected them.  Visit site

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05 June 2008
15,000 volunteers trained on AIDS prevention in Uganda 
More than 15,000 volunteers were trained to sensitise local population on the dangers of HIV/AIDS  in Uganda, reports Ayiga Ondoga.  Visit site

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04 June 2008
Kids get day off from school to clean in Turkey 

The Turkish Ministry of Education asked all schools to substitute a day of class with cleaning up the environment in an effort to raise the students' awareness of environmental protection to mark World Environment Day, 5 June.   Visit site

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24 May 2008
China helps itself 
A fast-growing middle class with money to spare on travel and, as it now seems, on charity. Thousands of volunteers headed to the disaster zone, from businessmen to Christian youth.   Visit site

From: The Economist, London, England
21 May 2008
Oman government working on new strategy for NGOs, volunteerism by Ravindra Nath
Muscat, Oman: Oman, paying rich tributes to associations involved in volunteer work in the country, has revealed plans to issue for the first time a national strategy for non-governmental organisations (NGOs). The announcement was made by Social Development Minister Dr. Sharifa bint Khalfan Al Yahya'eyah. She said the ministry was in the process of developing a national strategy that would incorporate recommendations to activate and develop voluntary work in the country.  Visit site

From: Khaleej Times, UAE
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20 May 2008
Many Hands, Not Held by China, Aid in Quake 
LUCHI, China: Hao Lin had already lied to his wife about his destination, hopped a plane to Chengdu, borrowed a bike and pedaled through the countryside in shorts and leather loafers by the time he reached this ravaged farming village. A psychologist, Mr. Hao had come to offer free counseling to earthquake survivors.  Visit site

From: New York Times, USA
09 May 2008
Volunteerism in Myanmar clean-up 
Yangon, Myanmar: Tired of waiting for help in Yangon, red-robed monks, other civilians and dozens of soldiers cleared piles of debris and toppled billboards from streets and cutting branches off uprooted trees. "They've started doing the clean up themselves,"Aye Chan Naing, chief editor of Democratic Voice of Burma, said as a light rain showered down. "They are volunteers."   Visit site

From: Associated Press (AP)
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