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13 February 2008
How to select 25,000 volunteers ... by Ian Bailey
Vancouver, Canada: Security officials promised a cutting-edge effort to weed out criminals, terrorists and troublemakers and select the 25,000 volunteers they need for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games to be held in Vancouver, Canada.  Read article

11 February 2008
In Australia, migrants less likely to volunteer says research 
Sydney, Australia: Migrants from non-English speaking countries are less likely to be volunteers than Australian-born people or migrants from English-speaking nations, a new study shows.  Read article

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26 January 2008
Call for 'Stories of Volunteer Action' by CIVICUS, IAVE and UNV
Submit your ‘story of volunteer action’ for possible inclusion in a joint CIVICUS-IAVE-UNV publication on the indispensable role of volunteering and activism for achieving the Millennium Development Goals! Deadline is Feburary 8, 2008.  Read article
15 January 2008
Volunteers help tackle health and education problems in Namibia by Frederick Philander
Windhoek, Namibia: "This is the first time that I am presiding over a swearing-in ceremony in Namibia, and I feel a tremendous sense of pride, both as an ambassador and as an American," says Dennise Mathieu, new US Ambassador to Namibia.  Read article

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14 January 2008
Greek volunteers replant fire-ravaged forest 
Athens, Greece: Four months after a fire devastated one of the last forests on the outskirts of Athens, Greek volunteers on Sunday planted around 2,000 pine saplings in an initiative backed by the US and British embassies, the agriculture ministry said.  Read article

From: AFP
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11 December 2007
Challenge assumptions about volunteering, researchers told by Ben Cook
Researchers analysing the voluntary sector should use their studies to challenge the preconception that volunteering in all its forms is necessarily a good thing, according to the Institute for Volunteering Research.  Read article

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05 December 2007
UNV honours outstanding Online Volunteering teams 
Bonn, Germany: The United Nations Volunteers Online Volunteering service today announced the winners of the “Online Volunteering Team of the Year Award”.  The 10 winning teams, comprising online volunteers and their volunteer managers at the host organizations, made an exemplary impact on human development through their efficient online collaboration and commitment to volunteering.  Read article
03 December 2007
Volunteerism help reduce poverty says UN rep 
Harare, Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe has great potential to reduce poverty among communities through promoting and supporting volunteer activities as many of its people are willing to donate their valuable time and resources to assist others, a United Nations representative said.  Read article

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01 December 2007
Chinese volunteers join fight against HIV/AIDS 
Beijing, China: On 1 December, the 20th AIDS Day, Chinese volunteers took an oath to help fight the deadly infection. The rate of new HIV/AIDS infections in China is slowing but the situation remains a very big concern.  Read article

From: China Daily, China
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01 December 2007
700,000 serve as volunteers since 1998 in Hong Kong 
Hong Kong, China: Nearly 700,000 registered volunteers and more than 1,700 registered organizations have committed to volunteering since 1998 in Hong Kong, a city with a population of around 7,000,000, the wife of Hong Kong Chief Executive Selina Tsang said on Saturday.  Read article

From: China Daily, China
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