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15 August 2007
Volunteers battle to recover mudslide victims 
Nairobi, Kenya: Kenya's capacity to deal with disasters has been in the spotlight again after volunteers fought to locate people buried alive when mudslides smashed into their homes during heavy rainfall in the country‚Äôs western region.  Read article

From: IRIN News
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15 August 2007
Pakistan strengthens volunteer movement 
Islamabad, Pakistan: Pakistan's National Volunteer Movement (NVM) and Community Support Programme (CSP) have signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) to  advocate volunteerism and promote training programmes for volunteers.  Read article

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09 August 2007
UN leader condemns killing of volunteer Korean hostages in Afghanistan 
New York, USA: Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon spoke out recently against the killing of two South Korean nationals, one of them an active volunteer, abducted in Afghanistan nearly two weeks ago.  Read article

From: UN News Centre
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08 August 2007
European volunteers clear of litter 25 km of Baikal shore 
Participants in the International Baikal Shore Volunteer Service that is acting within the framework of the project Unity in Diversity have cleared of litter over 25 kilometres of Lake Baikal. Forty volunteers from France, Spain, Poland and Russia have staged the ecological action in the area of the popular resorts Enkhaluk and Sukhaya on the lake.  Read article
31 July 2007
Killed South Korean hostage was an active volunteer 
Seoul, Korea: The second South Korean hostage shot dead by Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan was identified on Tuesday as Shim Sung-min, 29, a former IT firm employee who did volunteer work to help the poor.  South Korea's foreign ministry confirmed the body was that of Shim, one of 23 Korean Christians, 18 of them women, taken captive by the Taliban nearly two weeks ago.  Read article

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30 July 2007
Student volunteerism on the rise in Singapore 
Singapore City, Singapore: Volunteering for good causes or social activities is rising among students, according to the Community Development, Youth and Sports Minister at a student forum.  Read article
26 July 2007
China, UN jointly promote initative to support Olympic volunteerism 
Beijing, China: The United Nations and China agreed to promote a training project on strengthening volunteerism through the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games yesterday. the 1.4 million US dollars initiative is designed to enhance the capacity of Olympic volunteers and demonstrate volunteerism as an effective tool to achieve China's development.  Read article

From: China Daily, China
More about: China  Culture & sports
25 July 2007
UK leader puts volunteerism 'at the heart' of his vision for Britain 
London, UK: UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown today put volunteering and community activism at the heart of his vision of the "British way of life", matching a commitment to celebrate society's "everyday heroes" with promises of investment in small neighbourhood groups and social campaigners.  Read article

From: The Guardian, UK
09 July 2007
ILO notes the importance of volunteerism statistics 
Geneva, Switzerland: Volunteerism is an important contributor to economic development and needs closer measurement, says the Director of the Statistics Bureau of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), Mr. Sylvester Young.  Read article

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28 June 2007
Companies launch toolkit to improve employee volunteering 
London, UK: A group of companies recently launched, ENGAGE Toolkit, a comprehensive guide to internationalise emlpoyee engagement for companies and NGOs.  Read article

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