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27 March 2007
Volunteers shave head for pediatric cancer 
Chicago, USA: The volunteers shaved their heads at several St. Baldrick's events in 10 countries to raise money for pediatric cancer research.  Read article

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16 March 2007
Taliban prevents volunteers, health workers to vaccinate children 
Tarinkot, Afghanistan: Taliban and other anti-government insurgents are preventing health workers and volunteers to vaccinate children against polio in remote parts of Afghanistan.  Read article

From: AlertNet
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15 March 2007
Volunteers knit 75,000 caps for Malawian babies  
Lilongwe, Malawi: Efforts to reduce infant mortality in Malawi got a boost today as U.S. and Malawi officials marked the arrival of 75,000 baby caps made by volunteer knitters and crocheters throughout the U.S. as part of Save the Children's campaign to save newborn lives worldwide.   Read article
13 March 2007
More volunteers get health care training in Sudan by Anita Swarup in Nairobi
Dozens of Sudanese Red Crescent volunteers are being trained to participate in a Primary Health Care project which is being run by the Sudanese Red Crescent, supported by the International Federation, in rural South Kordofan.  Read article

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08 March 2007
Volunteers lighten school workload in Mozambique 
Tete, Mozambique: In this remote corner of Tete, near the border with Zambia, cash-strapped parents often treat school as a luxury that is impractical and unaffordable. But last year, volunteers from the Mozambique Red Cross have been campaigning in several communities in Tete to convince parents and guardians that school is worth the sacrifice.  Read article

From: AlertNet
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06 March 2007
Volunteers fight crime in South Africa by Sipho Masondo
Knysna, South Africa: Community members in the crime-ridden areas near Knysna, South Africa have declared war on lawlessness. Through Bambanani (sticking together), a volunteer group, Knysna residents attempt to stop criminal activities illegal drinking establishments and drug dealing by continuously patrolling their community.  Read article

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05 March 2007
DR Congo volunteers help give back to nature 
Lubumbashi, DR Congo : Elections stole the headlines in 2006, but volunteers in the Democratic Republic of Congo are quietly giving back to nature what it had been stripped of in the years before.  Read article
05 March 2007
Bangladesh begins new polio drive with 700,000 volunteers 
Dhaka, Bangladesh: Some 700,000 volunteers will deliver polio vaccinations to about 24 million children on in an effort to eliminate the disease in Bangladesh.   Read article

From: BBC News, UK
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03 March 2007
Africa launches regional volunteer network by Vincent Orute
Arusha, Tanzania: Volunteer Network Africa was launched to send volunteers to schools, colleges, hospitals, church organizations and community development projects.  Read article

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02 March 2007
Medical volunteers receive national honour by Barbara Agnew
Oregon, USA: The U.S. Agency for International Development will recognize nearly 400 volunteers who have "inspired their fellow citizens with selfless dedication of time, talents and energy to help those in need around the world."  Read article

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