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22 November 2006
Volunteers mobilized as cholera cases rise in Zambia 
Chiengi District, Zambia: Zambia has mobilized volunteers to help the Luapula provincial health administration curb cholera cases that have risen to 105 and left 5 dead in Chiengi District of the province, Times of Zambia reported on Tuesday.  Read article

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09 November 2006
Want to Build a Team? Try Building a House by Jessica Carsen/CLUJ-NAPOCA
Napoca, Romania: Initially, Habitat assigned volunteers to build simple housing in hard-up places.  But lately, it has teamed up with multinationals seeking Corporate Social Responsibility credentials, who send their employees and also pay for the privilege.  Read article
03 November 2006
2,000 volunteers build houses in India 
Lonavla, India: With the help of more than 2,000 volunteers from around the world, former US president Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalyn are leading the annual Habitat for Humanity Project to provide houses to 100 families in India.   Read article

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01 November 2006
New award to mark Volunteer Managers’ Day 
Wellington, New Zealand: The "International Volunteer Manager" award was launched yesterday by the Australasian Association of Volunteer Administrators to recognize volunteer managers' professionalism and their outstanding contribution to promoting volunteerism.  Read article

From: Scoop, New Zealand
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25 October 2006
UK leader calls for million volunteers 
London, UK: UK Chancellor Gordon Brown will call on employers and employees to work in their communities to provide a million new volunteers by 2012.  Read article
20 October 2006
Pakistan honours earthquake volunteers by Baqir Sajjad Syed
Islamabad, Pakistan: The United Nations (UN) in Pakistan yesterday awarded four volunteers who contributed to last year's earthquake relief operations, a disaster that left over 73,000 dead and three million displaced people.  Read article

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19 October 2006
Volunteering on the rise in Poland 
Warsaw, Poland: The Polish-American Freedom Foundation launched a volunteer programme for students who would like to help underprivileged schoolchildren in rural areas improve their learning skills. Programmes like these have been attracting a growing number of young Poles every year.  Read article

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16 October 2006
Package carrier employees to volunteer 100,000 hours in 50 countries 
Atlanta, USA: Employees of the international package carrier, UPS, will volunteer some 100,000 hours in 50 countries to undertake various community activities.   Read article

From: WebWire, USA
16 October 2006
College volunteering in the US rises sharply  by Justin Pope
Some call them lazy, more interested in partying hard than helping out. But a new study shows college students volunteer at a rate that's grown sharply over the last few years.  Read article

13 October 2006
School girls learn how to give more by Sonya Ghaddar
Doha, Qatar: Young girls at a Qatari school are learning the importance of charity work by getting actively engaged in the design and implementation of charitable projects. School administrators say that the students’ hands-on involvement in charity helps enhance their awareness of social issues.   Read article

From: The Peninsula, Qatar
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