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05 December 2008
Volunteerism to promote peace, development: Pakistani President 
Islamabad, Pakistan: President Asif Ali Zardari said volunteerism has the power to promote peace, harmony and development not only in Pakistan but around the world. In a message on the International Volunteers Day falling on 5 December, he said let us recognize the power of volunteerism which can augment peace and harmony in the world.
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04 December 2008
Wrong about volunteerism by Lee Je-hoon, President of the Korea Forum of Volunteeris
Seoul, South Korea: Nowadays, it’s no exaggeration to emphasize the significance of volunteer service. The volunteer sector plays an important role at the national level as an axis of the “new governance,” together with the government and business corporations, because it functions not only as a social safety net but also as a catalyst for national integration.  Visit site

From: Joong Ang Daily
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03 December 2008
Jet Li: China ready for volunteerism 'explosion' 
Hong Kong, China: Speaking at a panel discussion at the Clinton Global Initiative Asia conference, the 45-year-old action film star said volunteerism and charity are rare in China but are now on the rise as the country becomes more prosperous after two decades of capitalist-style economic reforms.  Read article

From: International Herald Tribune, France
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01 December 2008
IHC seeks young volunteers 
Auckland, New Zealand: Karen Roberts, National Manager of Volunteering, says IHC is putting its focus on youth over the next year. She says young people with intellectual disabilities want to be like every other young person. In the meantime, though, all the work of its hundreds of volunteers is to be acknowledged with special events on 5 December, International Volunteer Day.

See also the New Zealand IVD blog:

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From: Scoop, New Zealand
23 November 2008
Even as grants fall, firms offer services by Nancy Trejos
Companies large and small have been making cutbacks due to poor earnings, but that's not putting an end to the charitable work that nonprofit organizations have come to expect from them.  Visit site
22 November 2008
UPS volunteers deliver community support 
Throughout the month, UPS employees participated in the company's Global Volunteer Month, giving their time, talents and hands-on support to charitable organizations in their local communities.  Visit site
28 October 2008
Volunteers push green movement 
Ong Chee Siang spends many sleepless nights mentoring young environmentalists, educating people about climate change and organising green events. He is part of a growing number of National Environment Agency (NEA) volunteers who promote recycling, help residents improve energy efficiency, and educate Singaporeans about climate change.   Visit site

From: Straits Times, Singapore
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13 October 2008
Corporate volunteers serve communities 
High anxiety may be gripping the corporate world these days, but for the managers, supervisors and employees of some of the Philippines’s leading companies, volunteer work knows no crisis. Thirty-two corporations sent a record number of participants on Saturday to Servathon 2008, a 3-year-old community service program.  Visit site

From: Inquirer, Philippines
09 October 2008
Volunteer honoured for help to African women and children 
Winning awards was the furthest thing from Shirley Snowden's mind when she began organizing aid to women and children in Ghana eight years ago. The work was just an extension of a life given to serving her community. Others noticed her efforts however, and on Monday she will receive a leadership award at the United Nations.  Visit site

From: Frederick News Post, United States
09 October 2008
A magical, tragic place 
Forty years ago they were a group of young women traveling into the mountains of Afghanistan. They were volunteers bringing small pox vaccine, and their job was to vaccinate everyone — infants, old people, women, men. From their sheltered lives in the United States, they thrust themselves into one of the poorest places on earth. Decades later the United Nations declared small pox had been eradicated around the world.  Visit site

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