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14 September 2008
Painting a positive picture 
Young volunteers from the Queen Margaret Academy in Ayr are taking part in a community art project to improve their school garden by creating a colourful outdoor classroom. Six schools have been involved in The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Curriculum for Excellence pilot project during the past academic year, with groups of over 280 young people positively contributing to improve their schools and wider community through projects in child care, sports coaching, community arts and conservation projects.  Visit site

From: The Herald, United Kingdom
08 September 2008
A bit for society 
Young professionals are taking time out to do social work with NGOs in India, volunteering during weekends at various organizations where they can apply their skills to do some noble work. The volunteer is no longer only the housewife, the student or the elderly person, but includes management professionals, engineers or those with doctorates...  Visit site
05 September 2008
Volunteer makes his mark in Peru 
Teenager Mark Pope has just returned from a spell volunteering in Peru. The 19-year-old joined Platform 2 which aims to raise awareness of global development amongst young British adults who would not normally be able to afford the opportunity to volunteer overseas.  Visit site
04 September 2008
Volunteers mentoring a new breed of entrepreneurs 
A new breed of regional producers is emerging in the Caribbean, made up of entrepreneurial youth, either unemployed or under employed, with viable business ideas and a strong desire to see those ideas become income and wealth generating. Experienced entrepreneurs, professionals, business and community leaders volunteer their time and experience as business mentors to encourage and support these young business men and women in the region and beyond.  Visit site

From: Barbados Advocate, Barbados
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03 September 2008
Anti-littering campaign 
Luang Prabang, Lao PDR: Volunteers with the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme working in Lao PDR participated in an anti-littering campaign that brought together around 200 volunteers, of which 65 were children.  Read article

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02 September 2008
Fighting Illiteracy in Indonesia 
Teaching literacy is Bahrul Ulumiyah Suheb’s driving passion. A teacher by profession, Bahrul makes her living by teaching elementary school students and also gives a great deal of her time and energy as a volunteer with Koalisi Perempuan Indonesia—a non-profit organization focusing on women’s empowerment and on the abolishment of illiteracy.   Visit site
29 August 2008
“Un Techo para mi País” moviliza a miles de voluntarios en Argentina 
La organización “Un Techo para mi País” trabaja con miles de voluntarios en la construcción de viviendas de emergencia y en la ejecución de planes de habilitación social. El voluntariado de la organización está compuesto principalmente por estudiantes universitarios, que desde sus profesiones o estudios pueden aportar a la organización a través de equipos de trabajo interdisciplinarios.  Visit site
28 August 2008
Beijing recruits 44,000 volunteers for Paralympics 
Beijing, China: Beijing has recruited 44,000 volunteers to provide services during the Sept. 6-17 Paralympic Games. The volunteers come from 27 countries and regions, and 90 percent of them served at the Beijing Olympic Games, said Liu Jian, director of the volunteers department of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG).   Visit site

From: Xinhua News
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28 August 2008
Peace Corps' oldest volunteer now teaching in Ghana 
The oldest currently serving Peace Corps Volunteer in the world is putting his life skills and experience to good use by working as a secondary education Peace Corps Volunteer, teaching biology, chemistry and physics to students in a Ghanaian community.  Visit site

From: Senior Journal, United States
27 August 2008
Barbados: Spirit of volunteerism needs rekindling by Alicia Dells
Bridgetown, Barbados: The Barbados Minister of Family, Youth Affairs, Sports and the Environment, Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo, is calling on Barbadians to become more involved in volunteer organizations as a means of giving back to their communities and making a significant contribution to development.  Visit site

From: Barbados Advocate, Barbados
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