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26 August 2008
Satellite phone lifeline in conflict zones and disasters 
Télécoms Sans Frontières (TSF) provides vital communications to people who have lost absolutely everything - a vital link for aid agencies and a lifeline to friends and relatives from Iraq and Niger to Sri Lanka and Nicaragua. TSF has been out on more than 70 missions to 50-odd countries and it has 20 full-time staff and twice that number of volunteers.   Visit site

From: The Guardian, UK
More about: France  Emergency relief
26 August 2008
One world, one dream, one million volunteers 
The Beijing Olympics received more than one million volunteer applications, of which 74,715 were accepted, plus 30,000 for the Paralympic Games. However, Zhang Juming, deputy director of the Volunteer Work Department of the Organizing Committee for the Beijing Olympic Games, says that 1 million people in fact volunteered services in various fields, including medical, traffic and security assistance.  Visit site

From: China Daily, China
26 August 2008
Training China's next generation of sight-savers 
ORBIS International's flagship Flying Eye Hospital has arrived in Harbin, China with its global team of volunteer eye care specialists and global Alliance for Sight partner, Alcon, Inc. to conduct an intensive two-week program focusing on training and equipping the next generation of Chinese eye care professionals and biomedical engineers.  Visit site

From: Fox Business, United States
More about: China  Health
22 August 2008
Korean volunteers help out in Viet Nam 
Ben Tre, Viet Nam: From 6-16 August 2008, Korean organization Volunteer21 participated in the Vietnam Green Summer Campaign, leading 17 students from the Greenbow youth volunteer group.    Read article
22 August 2008
Volunteering against discrimination in Cyprus 
Nicosia, Cyprus: During July, the Pan Cyprian Volunteerism Coordinative Council initiated a poster competition titled 'Volunteer for Equal Opportunities', under the European Year for Equal Opportunities for All 2008.  Read article

More about: Cyprus  Activism  MDG 3
21 August 2008
“Street Soccer USA” helps get homeless off the street 
Lawrence Cann, a former soccer player, founded the non-profit group "Street Soccer USA" as a different type of homeless outreach. Volunteers at homeless shelters, drug treatment programs and community centers work with and train the players throughout the year.  Visit site

From: Voice of America
More about: United States  Homeless
20 August 2008
Campaña chilena de alfabetización Contigo Aprendo 2008 
El Ministerio de Educación y el Programa Chilecalifica invita a las personas interesadas en realizar un trabajo voluntario de servicio a la comunidad a postular para ser monitor(a) de alfabetización de personas jóvenes y adultas mayores de 15 años, sin escolaridad o con menos de 4 años de escolaridad básica, en la Campaña de Alfabetización Contigo Aprendo 2008. La Campaña se desarrollará entre los meses de junio y diciembre en las regiones de Coquimbo, Valparaíso, Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins, Maule, Bío Bío, Araucanía, Los Lagos, Los Ríos, Aysén y Metropolitana.  Visit site
20 August 2008
Volunteers quench workers’ thirst 
More than 70 volunteers have signed up to distribute free drinks to construction and road workers in Bahrain toiling in the blistering summer heat. By the end of this month the volunteers will have distributed 10,500 cans of refreshments and over 7,000 bottles of water.  Visit site

From: Gulf Weekly, Bahrain
More about: Bahrain  Health
18 August 2008
Recognizing volunteers at the Beijing Olympics 
Beijing, China: The UN's Olympic volunteer celebration on 7 August, organized by UNV and UNDP, was covered by China's top prime time news programme 'Xinwen Lianbo' and leading English newspaper, China Daily. Visit links to English- and Chinese-language coverage.  Read article
14 August 2008
Olympic Gold for Beijing volunteers 
Beijing, China: As China's 600-strong Olympic team fight for medals on the home soil, a separate team nearly 3,000 times its size are trying to snatch another gold for their country - with friendly smiles.  Visit site

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