Special focus: Volunteers' role in 2004 tsunami relief & recovery
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14 January 2005
Silent hero saves 250 lives 
Dr. Priscilla and her husband Samuel were welcoming a relaxing day off at their residence, next to the Porayar hospital in Tamil Nadu, India, when 400 patients converged on the hospital suffering from shock, broken, torn and removed limbs, and open wounds.  Read article

12 January 2005
Volunteer accountants setup system to track tsunami donations 
United Nations Relief Coordinator Jan Egeland announced today that volunteer specialists from the accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers are working with the UN to establish a system of tracking donations to tsunami relief "from pledge to dispersion," after the international donor conference in Geneva, Switzerland.  Read article

12 January 2005
UNV receives US$5m from Japan for tsunami relief efforts 
The UN Volunteers (UNV) programme will increase its immediate and long-term support to countries devastated by the 26 December tsunamis thanks in part to a US$ 5-million contribution announced yesterday by the Government of Japan.  Read article

12 January 2005
Volunteers raise €175,000 in Irish city 
In an exceptional response to a fundraising appeal, citizens of Waterford city in Ireland donated over €175,000 for the victims of the Asian tsunamis. A team of 1,000 volunteers collected the amount in three-and-a-half hours.  Visit site

12 January 2005
Meet 'Father Teresa' of the Andamans 
A wireless operator who saved thousands of lives on December 26 with what he calls his personal early warning system, in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands has earned the nickname 'Father Teresa'. The 39-year-old Razzak Ali, from the southern Andamanese island of Teressa, could make out in advance that the waves were going to strike.  Visit site

10 January 2005
Princes William and Harry volunteer to prepare tsunami aid kits 
Princes William and Harry have been working as volunteers in a warehouse sending aid to tsunami victims.  Visit site

10 January 2005
Gujarat volunteers help tsunami victims 
Hundreds of volunteers and NGOs have come from practically every part of the country to lend a hand in the massive relief and rehabilitation exercise after the tsunami disaster.  Visit site

09 January 2005
Teenager makes documentary on tsunami catastrophe 
Shaken by the suffering due to the tsunami disaster, a schoolboy in Port Blair began a novel campaign to secure aid for affected people in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The tragedy had changed the course of life for 14-year-old Nakul Goel who completed editing a 20-minute documentary Kudrat ka kahar (fury of nature) and would launch it across all major Indian cities this week to collect aid for the affected.  Visit site

07 January 2005
Volunteers could become victims 
First-time volunteers helping out with victims of tsunami-ravaged areas ran the risk of becoming victims themselves, an Australian counselling expert said today.  Read article

07 January 2005
Diary: Awesome task in Sumatra  
Howard Arfin is a volunteer and international delegate for the Canadian Red Cross. He has been helping bury the dead and supplying aid for survivors on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. He reports on his experiences in the first of a series of diary entries for the BBC News website.  Visit site

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