Volunteers' role in Indonesian earthquake relief
14 June 2006
Indonesia earthquake reveals the quiet heroism of survivors by Mark Snelling
Java, Indonesia: As the aid operation in Java shifts from providing immediate relief, the long, painstaking task of recovery activities such as psycho-social support steps in.  Read article
From: AlertNet
13 June 2006
Community mobilization and volunteerism prove effective in Yogyakarta quake relief by Gilles Lordet
Yogyakarta, Indonesia: In the little village of Garanguro, outside Yogyakarta, the neighbours helped each other pull victims out of the rubble. The residents bonded, literally, after the quake that hit Yogyakarta on 29 May, living together after all 160 houses were destroyed. Emergency response is most effective, the author claims, when people themselves get involved in the first hours after a disaster.  Read article
From: ReliefWeb
11 June 2006
Volunteers, locals struggle with language by Slamet Susanto
Java, Indonesia: Volunteers for the Indonesian earthquake are trying to communicate with victims through sign language and volunteer interpreters.   Read article
From: The Jakarta Post, Indonesia
31 May 2006
UN, Red Cross mobilize huge relief operation in Java by Lisa Schlein
Volunteers remove an injured victim under a piece of plastic cover outside a hospital during a downpour in Yogyakarta, Central Java. Indonesia raced to cope with thousands of injured and homeless earthquake survivors as the United Nations vowed help would come faster than after the 2004 Asian tsunami.(AFP/Jewel Samad)
Geneva, Switzerland: United Nations agencies, plus some 400 volunteers from the Indonesian Red Cross, have quickly mobilized relief operations for the hundreds of thousands of people affected by the devastating earthquake that struck the Indonesian island of Java on 27 May.  Read article
31 May 2006
Volunteer disaster team heads to Indonesia 
Oregon, USA: US-based Northwest Medical Teams is sending highly trained medical volunteers to the island of Java on Tuesday to help care for thousands of survivors of Saturday's massive earthquake centered near the Indonesian city of Yogyakarta.   Read article
30 May 2006
More Singaporean medical personnel, volunteers leave for quake-hit Yogyakarta 
Singapore City, Singapore: Forty medical personnel and volunteers from Alexandra Hospital, the Singapore Red Cross and Mercy Relief left for Yogyakarta on Tuesday morning to help quake victims there.   Read article
29 May 2006
In Indonesian village, help begins to trickle in by Ellen Nakashima
Sraten, Indonesia: Volunteers started arriving in small numbers in this hard-to-reach village of 300 people. Villagers are not expecting volunteers like Tuti Winarti, a medical student, to travel from Central Java together with her father and 13 paramedics to help. They were relieved just the same.   Read article
29 May 2006
Amateur radio volunteers respond following Indonesian earthquake 
Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Volunteer-run amateur radio operators in Indonesia are providing emergency communication for relief operations in the wake of a 6.3 magnitude earthquake Saturday affecting Yogyakarta and surrounding area.  Read article
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