Middle East crisis: Volunteers respond to the need
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01 August 2006
A nearly impossible mission for volunteers in Lebanon by Rania Abouzeid
Tyre, Lebanon: A volunteer in southern Lebanon tries to keep a promise to a little girl at increasing risk to his life. The 25-year old from the port city of Tyre promised Rayan Finjan that he would bring home the bodies of her father, mother and 15-year-old brother, killed when an Israeli missile hit the minivan they were travelling in.  Read article

From: Los Angeles Times, USA
31 July 2006
Citizens, NGOs try to keep life going in Lebanon by Brian Whitaker
Beirut, Lebanon: Brian Whitaker of the Guardian finds that volunteers – local citizens and staff of NGOs – are taking the initiative to keep a semblance of normal life in the Lebanese capital. Their efforts may seem chaotic but they are highly organized in providing relief.  Read article
Volunteers of the Homs branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Society deliver daily rations to a child who left Lebanon with her family to escape Israeli bombardment. (Photo: IFRC)
31 July 2006
Syrian volunteers provide relief to displaced Lebanese 
Homs, Syria: Volunteers in the central Syrian city of Homs are helping the people evacuating from Lebanon to cope with the situation by providing them daily rations of food, medicines and other supplies.  Read article
31 July 2006
Red Cross volunteers carry on relief in Lebanon despite peril by Ayad el-Mounzer
Beirut, Lebanon: More than 5,000 Lebanese Red Cross volunteers and staff, working under increasingly dangerous and life-threatening situations, continue to evacuate the wounded and distribute essential relief and medicines to displaced families.   Read article
Residents of Beirut cater for the children of the displaced, giving them warm showers at home on a daily basis. (Courtesy: Reuters)
31 July 2006
Christian Lebanese shelter Muslim evacuees 
Beirut, Lebanon: Fleeing the apocalyptic scene in the south, thousands of Lebanese Shiites have found solace in Beirut's Christian neighbourhoods whose residents raced to accommodate and cater for the shell-shocked evacuees.  Read article
Lebanese Red Cross volunteers remove to hospital a patient injured in the bombings by Israeli army. (Courtesy: IFRC)
28 July 2006
Volunteers’ rescue work suffers as Israeli air strike destroys ambulances by Suzanne Goldenberg
Tyre, Lebanon: Two ambulances rescuing injured people were destroyed in Israeli air strikes in Tyre in south Lebanon, forcing the Lebanese Red Cross to halt all rescue missions. This has left 100,000 people of Tyre district with no way of reaching hospital other than to take to the roads themselves, under the roar of Israeli war planes.  Read article

From: The Guardian, UK
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Nazmie Taleb (right), 70, looks around as her son, Hussein Taleb (centre), talks to volunteer Pauline Jones (left), who helps them with travel plans. (Photo: Karl Merton Ferron/BaltimoreSun.com)
27 July 2006
American evacuees from Lebanon greeted with helping hands by Chris Yakaitis
Volunteers are assisting the officials at American airports to receive and welcome citizens being evacuated from Lebanon in the middle of the hostilities between Israel and the Hezbollah group.  Read article
27 July 2006
Determined Lebanese stay back to help others by Challiss McDonough
Tyre, Lebanon: Despite warnings to flee from the Israeli military, some residents in the port city of Tyre, 25 kilometres from the border, are stubbornly refusing to go. The local residents and volunteers are determined to stay and do their jobs.  Read article
Eight-year-old Nabeel was injured while fleeing to a neighbouring village in southern Lebanon with his family. IMC facilitated their evacuation to Cyprus. (Photo by Tanya Habjouqa/IMC)
27 July 2006
Medical volunteers bring relief to Lebanon camps 
Volunteers and staff of the International Medical Corps are providing essential medical supplies in and around Tyre, supporting a hospital and four Palestinian refugee camps in southern Lebanon.   Read article
27 July 2006
Palestinian refugees shelter displaced Lebanese by Alaa Shahine
Ain El-Hilweh, Lebanon: Palestinians living in Lebanon's biggest refugee camp in the southern part of the country have turned from downtrodden refugees to generous hosts as they offer shelter to Lebanese families fleeing Israeli bombardment.  Read article

From: AlterNet, USA
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