Middle East crisis: Volunteers respond to the need
Eight-year-old Nabeel was injured while fleeing to a neighbouring village in southern Lebanon with his family. IMC facilitated their evacuation to Cyprus. (Photo by Tanya Habjouqa/IMC)
The United Nations and aid agencies estimate that nearly a million people have been uprooted by the month-long hostilities that erupted on 12 July 2006 between Israel and Hezbollah. Nearly 1,200 people in Lebanon, the vast majority civilians, and 157 Israelis have been killed in the conflict, and Lebanon's Higher Relief Council puts the number of injured at 4,055.

The bombardment inflicted a "disastrous" $3.6 billion worth of physical damage, uprooted a quarter of Lebanon's population and destroyed 30,000 homes, according to the country's reconstruction chief, Al-Fadl Shalaq, before the ceasefire took effect 14 August 2006.

Volunteers on both sides of the Israel-Lebanon border are providing emergency relief and evacuation support to the displaced and injured. The World Volunteer Web is documenting - through pictures and stories - the invaluable humanitarian assistance provided by these courageous volunteers, most of them local people - and in some cases refugees and victims themselves.

08 August 2006
US tour group leader returns to Israel to volunteer by Andrew Kitchenman
New Jersey, USA: Jeremy Stadlin fled Safed, a town in northern Israel, with a college tour group he was leading in July after rocket attacks began from Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. But he decided to return two weeks ago to do what he can to help the community there.   Read article

From: NJ.com, USA
04 August 2006
Show reality, say volunteers & aid workers in Lebanon  
Beirut, Lebanon: Volunteers and aid workers helping displaced people in Lebanon say that media is not showing the "depths of humanitarian crisis" resulting from the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict.  Read article
A Syrian Red Crescent doctor checks a Lebanese refugee at Jdaidet Yabous Crossing at the Syrian Lebanese border on Tuesday, July 25, 2006. Some 200,000 Lebanese have fled Labanon since 12 July when Israel launched its military assault against Lebanon and poured into neighbouring Syria.(AP Photo Bassem Tellawi).
02 August 2006
Cash, beds and haircuts for Lebanon's refugees 
Syrians are opening their houses, shops and restaurants to refugees of the Israel-Hezbollah conflict. Restaurants are giving food to shelters, individuals have turned up with food and mattresses, hairdressers are giving free haircuts and shaves, and more than 7,000 Syrian families have offered to take refugees into their homes.  Read article

From: AlertNet
01 August 2006
Israelis rally to help displaced  by Dina Kraft
Kibbutz Maabarot, Israel: The wave of refugees in Israel – from the attack by Hezbollah based in Lebanon – has inspired a nationwide outpouring of assistance. Israelis in towns in the central region are offering their homes to shelter those displaced from the north of the country.   Read article

From: New York Times, USA
01 August 2006
Red Cross volunteers, vehicles repeatedly targeted in Lebanon by Dahr Jamail
Tyre, Lebanon: Israeli warplanes are attacking the Lebanese Red Cross ambulances repeatedly, volunteers of the medical aid group say. It is an attempt to keep the volunteer rescue workers away from the war victims, they say.  Read article

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