Older volunteers lead the way
25 March 2003

London: When it comes to volunteering, older generations need to lead by example, according to recent American research. The report, by INDEPENDENT SECTOR and Youth Service America, made a clear link between today’s adult volunteers and an upbringing in which service and giving were encouraged.

The study, Engaging Youth in Lifelong Learning, found that 60 per cent of adults who volunteered in their youth also had parents who volunteered and that those who started volunteering at an early age were twice as likely to carry on later in life.

"The research draws an important connection between youth engagement, and lifelong volunteering and philanthropy, underscoring that an ethic of service cannot simply be turned on like a switch when a young adult turns eighteen," said Steve Culbertson, president and CEO of Youth Service America.

Source: Volunteering Magazine, March 2003. Published by the National Centre for Volunteering, UK

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