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Volunteerism is not a new concept
15 March 2006
by Dorian Bryan

Volunteerism is not a new concept. That point was made during the official launch of the Volunteer Programme, last Saturday, by Managing Director and CEO of ICC Cricket World Cup West Indies 2007 Inc., at the Jamaica College, in Jamaica.

Chris Dehring who stressed that volunteers represented anyone who gave selflessly to the success of the event. "Becoming a volunteer is a huge personal commitment and those who choose to offer their dedication, support, energy and enthusiasm are very much an inspiration. They are leaders, role models and an example we should all wish to emulate. Volunteerism in itself is not a new concept. Volunteers have been serving communities in various guises for many years - working selflessly in faith organizations, in youth and community movements and service organizations; receiving no pay, yet deriving enormous satisfaction from the experience. In particular, volunteers have been serving sport from time immemorial, as coaches, referees, administrators and in other vital roles that contribute to the continued growth of sporting excellence and development of people everywhere" he added.

Dehring maintained that preparations for the event continued to go well. "ICC Cricket World Cup isn’t coming – it’s here. In 365 days, just one year from now, the 16 participating teams would have arrived already, completed their warm-up matches and would travel to the parish of Trelawny, here in Jamaica, to mark the official start of the Tournament by attending the Opening Ceremony which will take place in a brand new facility, the Greenfield Stadium" he added.

Dehring also maintained that the region had already set a benchmark at being the best, making reference to the successful West Indies team, of the 1980s and early 1990s. "When it comes to being the best, it isn’t always about beating the opposition - although as we know, particularly on the cricket field this is the most tangible benchmark by which the teams are judged - but rather being the best is about making the most of the best within us. The very best that we can be, means trying with everything we have, devoting our energy and our passion, giving entirely of ourselves and being able to look back at the end of the day with pride, knowing that we delivered our best and knowing our best was in fact more than good enough," he stated.

It was also revealed that only Caribbean national and residents will be considered as general volunteers. By definition, a volunteer is a person who expresses a willingness to undertake to provide a service free of charge for a specific event. Persons will have to be cleared by the Accreditation Committee before being accepted as a volunteer. Volunteers will be required to have a minimum educational background of three to five CXC/GCE subjects, a friendly and positive manner, must be cleared by security and be over age18.