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14 March 2009
Even Pro Bono Work Requires Doing Your Homework First by Alina Tugend
One piece of advice given to the newly laid off is to seek volunteer work, but finding the right volunteer job can sometimes seem as difficult as obtaining a salaried position. The good news is that once you decide what you may be interested in, the Web has numerous resources.  Visit site

From: New York Times, USA
27 February 2009
Take example from American and international celebrity volunteers by Alisa Krutovsky
To mark IVD this year, the Association of Voluntary Service Organizations — a European network of voluntary service organizations based in Brussels — launched the 'Invisible Heroes' campaign to collect as many photos of serving volunteers for one year. The campaign is aimed at demonstrating the magnitude of voluntary service in Europe, and convincing key decision makers to give the issue more attention.   Visit site
21 January 2009
Volunteerism and the Internet by Sarah Kuck
Our willingness to work on behalf of others is on the rise. One of the reasons for this noticeable boost in volunteerism is that the Internet is making it easier for organizations and volunteers to connect.  Visit site

From: World Changing, United States
09 January 2009
Democracy and volunteerism: A viewpoint 
A volunteer in Botswana explains why they think democracy and volunteerism are fundamental components of the United Nations system and the development of humankind.   Read article
11 December 2008
Volunteer collaboration: are we ready to harness the power of the people? 
The present crisis challenges us to new ways of using our resources; hopefully, wiser. One of the most abundant and underused natural resources is volunteer collaboration power. Let’s broaden our minds and rethink volunteerism as something embedded in every aspect of our lives.  Visit site

From: Civicus
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