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05 December 2006
Let's applaud hard-working volunteers by Christopher Cutler
Christopher Cutler, executive director of the Canada-based Volunteer Hamilton attests that volunteering is the lifeblood of the community. Volunteering does not only enable us to assist other people, he writes, it also  help us undestand that people are different and express our human values.
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05 December 2006
Volunteers help build a stronger society by Khalid Malik
Efforts of thousands of university graduates in helping China's poorest are being recognized on IVD.  Read article

From: China Daily, China
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25 October 2006
Do Chinese people volunteer? by Richard Brubaker
Do Chinese people volunteer? Is there a culture of volunteerism in China? Richard Brubaker, CSR expert, says that not only is there a culture of volunteering in China, there is a long and proud history of it.   Read article

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20 October 2006
Test of a company's social pledges: Helping employees volunteer by Peter Asmus
California, USA: What's the best way to learn if a company truly embraces its ballyhooed social mission day-to-day? Employee volunteerism, says Peter Asmus. He writes that levels of volunteer activity show how much social concerns really figure into company culture.  Read article
16 October 2006
Stand Up, to wake up by Sanjay Suri
As protests go, "Stand Up Against Poverty" must be among the most comfortable: People will simply stand up at many places around the world to show their commitment to fighting poverty. Simple as it may sound, the author argues that this action will test the credibility of civil society and its ability to muster people around the world for a common cause.  Read article

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