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Volunteers try to line up earthquake survivors as they queue up for food at a distribution point in Bantul, Indonesia, May 31, 2006. Relief efforts for an estimated 650,000 people displaced by Indonesia's earthquake picked up Wednesday with a surge of foreign aid workers coming into the region and the reopening of a key airport. (AP Photo/Dita Alangkara
27 September 2006
Power of the citizen as an agent of change by Bill Clinton, Laura Bush, Jean Case
Former US President Bill Clinton and First Lady Laura Bush write about the power of individuals to make great contributions.  Read article

From: Time Magazine, USA
27 September 2006
Volunteering and caring can make a difference by Alba E. Martinez
Philadelphia, USA: Even if individual volunteer projects are not very visible, it still matters to that one person, that family, that neighbourhood where the volunteers made a difference writes Alba Martinez, president and chief executive officer of the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania, USA.  Read article

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26 September 2006
The changing face of volunteering in India by Patralekha Chatterjee
India is the largest democracy in the world. But without its lively civil society scene, many ills in society would continue unchallenged. Civil society derives its strength from the Gandhian tradition of volunteerism, but today, it expresses itself in many different forms of activism.  Read article

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28 August 2006
The right way to volunteer by Daniel Kadlec
The world of volunteering needs help--but not the kind you think. The problem is that too many nonprofits cling to their old ways, asking volunteers to do little more than stuff envelopes and make fund-raising calls.  Read article
18 August 2006
Volunteer tourism & the gap year by Patrick Bartham
They're the students who go abroad to boost their CVs, have a laugh - and help out in the developing world at the same time. But this week a charity claimed that young people volunteering during gap-year risk doing more harm than good. The Guardian's Patrick Bartham asks 10 volunteers what they think.  Read article

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