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American Red Cross Volunteer helping victim of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. (Source: Red Cross America)
13 June 2006
Prepare for storms, and to volunteer by Wendy Spencer
Florida, USA: A recent Florida Hurricane Preparedness Survey found that two-thirds of Florida residents are stocked this season with at least 72 hours' worth of food, water and other vital hurricane preparedness supplies. But being ready for hurricanes doesn't stop with stocking up. Make volunteering an integral part of your disaster preparedness plans.  Read article
06 June 2006
For the past two summers, it has taken an overwhelming outpouring of volunteer labor and donated supplies to get Guam's public schools ready for the next school year. While it's wonderful that so many people from the community are willing to help out, the question is why is it necessary for them to do so? What if, for whatever reason, the school system doesn't get the needed level of volunteer work? What's the plan then?   Read article

From: Pacific Daily News, USA
More about: United States  Education
Illinois State Highway Patrolman J.L. Hafford walks past a crowd of more than 200 flag-waving supporters of Army pilot Christopher Donaldson across the street from a protest by followers of the Rev. Fred Phelps, who claims soldiers have died because they fought for a country that condones homosexuality, in Shumway, Ill., Friday, May 19, 2006. Phelps' group obeyed Illinois' new 'Let Them Rest in Peace' law, signed earlier this week, by staying more than 200 feet from the Faith Lutheran Church, where the funeral of Donaldon, who was killed while serving in Afghanistan, was held. (AP Photo/James A. Finley)
01 June 2006
Meanwhile: Where have all the protesters gone? by Sam Graham-Felsen
The author laments the failure of his generation to actively protest against the Bush administration in the US and the loss of its ability to alter, or challenge, the status quo. It's not that young people do not care anymore. In fact, volunteering is at its all-time high in the US. But "the shift from activism to volunteerism reflects lack of faith in (this generation's) ability to affect broad social change". Do you agree?   Read article

From: International Herald Tribune, France
More about: United States  Activism
29 May 2006
In praise of volunteerism  by Herbert Lewis
A young Jamaican boy needs an eye operation and reaches out for financial help to cover medical expenses. The author urges doctors to take up the challenge and questions Jamaicans' sense of altruism.  Read article

From: Jamaica Gleaner, Jamaica
More about: Jamaica  Health
22 May 2006
It's tough at the top by Debra Tyler
Being the chief executive of a voluntary organization is no walk in the park, says Debra Tyler. She heads the Directory of Social Change, an organization that provides information to support volunteer organizations worldwide.  Read article

From: The Guardian, UK
More about: United Kingdom  Management

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