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15 May 2006
The motivation behind doing it for free by Russ Grayson
Mirko Bagaric's "Volunteering for the Right Causes", provoked Russ Grayson to compare his own experience in managing volunteers and share his thoughts on volunteers' motivations.  Read article

From: Online Opinion, Australia
Danny Katsorov has been named volunteer of the year by Queen's Park for his outstanding work. The longtime supporter of Cambridge Memorial Hospital was photographed in October 2005 in his barbershop in Cambridge with a petition seeking funding for the hospital expansion. (Photo courtesy: The Record)
28 April 2006
Volunteers are a diminishing resource in Canada by Harmail Basi
Toronto, Canada: Now more than ever, we need to refresh the ranks of volunteers who will keep our community organizations thriving. Statistics Canada reports in its most recent national survey a decline in the number of Canadians who volunteer. To meet the gap, Canadians who offered volunteer services contributed more hours on average.  Read article

From: The Record, Canada
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A volunteer watches as fireworks explode over the Melbourne Cricket Ground stadium, as Britain's Queen Elizabeth II declares the Commonwealth Games open in Melbourne 15 March 2006. (Reuters/David Gray)
12 April 2006
Volunteering is as much about means as ends by Sha Cordingley
Sha Cordingley, CEO of Volunteering Australia, shares her thoughts on volunteering for the Commonwealth Games, arguing that volunteering isn't confined to helping the needy, it is about active citizenship and building social capital.  Read article
Jane, a young American volunteer and leader in the NetAid Global Citizen Corps
30 March 2006
What if? by Jane (of NetAid)
Jane, a young American volunteer and leader in the NetAid Global Citizen Corps, asks what if the United States devoted as much energy to fighting poverty as fighting terrorism? President Bush's govenment has failed to meet its commitment to double its aid to Africa, slashed its development budget and fell short on its contribution to HIV/Aids programmes. Along with other young leaders and volunteers, Jane wants to make sure her government upholds its promises.   Read article

From: NetAid
27 March 2006
Volunteering? What would be in it for me? by Unknown
He confessed that volunteering does not come easily for him. "Why do volunteering opportunities come at the most inopportune times, like, erm, when the weather's cold?" asks the author. Hats off to volunteers, he writes, they want to halt global warming and end world poverty. So, what makes volunteers give so much? They "think selfishly".  Read article

From: Philadelphia Inquirer, USA
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