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09 February 2006
Rethinking volunteerism in America by Gavin Leonard
One in every four Americans volunteered last year and the percentage of people who donated their time, is the largest of any other country. As government social programmes are increasingly cut, recent statistics indicate growing numbers of volunteers in America.   Read article

From: AlterNet, USA
07 February 2006
Net benefits by David Teather
As little as five years ago, during the peak of the internet boom, newly minted tech millionaires were criticised as stingy. Now technology billionaires are investing their money, time and intellect in charitable causes.  Read article

From: The Guardian, UK
27 January 2006
Country answers call for volunteers 
A hidden army is at work. These people are never paid and rarely celebrated in public, but the country would grind to a halt without them. From emergency work, to caring for the young and aged, to charitable activity, volunteers are so ubiquitous that we sometimes fail to appreciate how much Australia's wellbeing depends on them.  Read article

From: The Age, Australia
More about: Australia  Infrastructure
26 January 2006
VolunTourism & the Millennium Development Goals  by David Clemmons
With less than a decade left to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, the question to be addressed is: What role, if any, can VolunTourism play in helping to achieve these objectives by 2015?  Read article
24 January 2006
Creating baby boomer-friendly volunteer opportunities by D. Scott Martin
No doubt, you have read headlines like these, too. More and more companies are restructuring jobs to retain and attract retirement age baby boomers. Can the same be said for the non-profit sector? Are volunteer programmes busy creating "boomer-friendly" opportunities?   Read article

From:, USA

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