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About 1,500 volunteer Santas converged on the centre of Edinburgh during Christmas 2005 to raise money for the terminally ill. (Photo: BBC News)
03 January 2006
Did the Year of the Volunteer make a difference in the UK? by Jamie Thomas
2005 was UK's Year of the Volunteer, but did anyone really notice? Consultant Jamie Thomas looks back at the UK's most extensive celebration of volunteering and asks, "did it make a difference?".   Read article
15 December 2005
Volunteer in Yemen? ‘Please be serious!’ by Walid Al-Saqqaf
The word ‘volunteer’ is rarely appreciated or even understood by many Yemenis. Observers believe the current environment in Yemen does not encourage volunteerism due to high unemployment, extreme poverty and lack of basic services.  Read article

From: Yemen Times
More about: Yemen  Infrastructure  Policy
01 December 2005
What if the volunteers strike on Monday? 
Wellington, New Zealand: New Zealand celebrates International Volunteer Day on Monday, 5 December. If all the volunteers in New Zealand chose to strike in recognition of this important day, the country would grind to a halt.  Read article

From: Scoop, New Zealand
More about: New Zealand  Advocacy
23 November 2005
It's time to donate a little more by Cristine Cronin
New York, USA: When you work in the nonprofit sector, you are regularly reminded of the generosity of Americans, whether evidenced by the loyal perseverance of board members or the unstinting efforts of volunteers and staff. In New York City alone, there are more than 99,000 board members and 342,000 volunteers working at no pay to help NYC's nonprofits.  Read article
21 November 2005
50 cries for global justice by Bill Gunyon
OneWorld Guides are written by online volunteers to provide a quick introduction to relevant sustainable development and human rights issues, with pointers to more detailed content. Guides editor, Bill Gunyon, reflects on the global overview on poverty brought along by the volunteers.   Read article

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