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14 November 2005
Changing national character through volunteering by Donald MacLeod
Scottish first minister Jack McConnell believes that promoting volunteering and encouraging enterprise amongst young people can make the next generation more confident and willing to seize opportunities.  Read article

From: The Guardian, UK
More about: United Kingdom  Policy
02 November 2005
Professional trends and issues: An ongoing dialogue by Mary Merrill & Arlene Schindler
International volunteer management experts Mary Merrill and Arlene Schindler pose questions to stimulate critical thinking  about the implications of seven volunteer trends they identified.   Read article

From: Merrill Associates
More about: Management
22 October 2005
Don’t donate clothes or blankets: Give money by Zarrin T. Caldwell and Megan Quill
As the television bombards us with images of the devastation caused by disasters, we may feel compelled to act. We may be inclined to send clothes, or shoes, or blankets—to offer whatever help we can. But, the reality is that when a major disaster occurs, these kinds of contributions are not always the most beneficial.  Read article

More about: Emergency relief
20 October 2005
The gift of giving by Susan Wainwright
London, UK: In addition to providing a vital income stream, donations are an expression of civil engagement. Active citizenship is an issue of no little significance for the voluntary sector. Voluntary action is at the heart of a civil society, and volunteer organizations play an important part in the sustainability of communities.  Read article

From: The Guardian, UK
More about: Infrastructure
16 August 2005
What difference does volunteering make? by Charlotte Alfred
At this time that the development agenda is at the forefront, the opportunities are great for individuals to stick their heads out and make some sort of impact.  "But what can one person do?" asks Development in Action editor Charlotte Alfred.  Read article

From: Development in Action
More about: Activism

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