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16 August 2005
The step from gap year volunteering to global citizenship by Mandarin Bennet
Critics have said that overseas volunteering hardly have sustainable impact on developing communities.  Isn't it time to encourage international volunteers to channel their skills and time toward local development projects?  Read article
25 July 2005
Technology and long distance leadership in volunteer management by Mary Merrill
A major challenge for managers of volunteers is learning long distance leadership. Whether you are working with volunteers around the world or in your own city, the Internet and email are rapidly replacing face-to-face management. It is important to have clear, concise, consistent communication with volunteers.  Read article
05 July 2005
Is it time we redefined volunteering? by Andy Fryar
Andy Fryar, founder and Director of the OzVPM, discovered a new incentive to encourage people to volunteer – the 10,000 Hours Show – people can only get tickets to a major rock concert if they volunteer for 10 hours. This led him to question the meaning of volunteerism and discussing what are the “proper” incentives and rewards for volunteers.  Read article
04 July 2005
Promoting volunteerism in Georgia by Mikheil Kechaqmadze
Volunteerism is essential to the process of building democracy in Georgia, a country experiencing substantial political, social and economic change, to ensure the equal participation of every member of the society in the transitional period.  Read article
08 June 2005
Marching on empty slogans? by Julian Baggini
“Make Poverty History”, a UK-based campaign to raise awareness on how to end poverty, has attracted the support of millions of individuals within and outside the country. The campaign’s popularity, as most of its detractors argue, lies on endorsement of entertainment celebrities (led by musician Bob Geldof) and not because people are able to grasp the essentials on how or why they should fight world poverty. Julian Baggini, of UK daily The Guardian, asks does it matter if most of the “ordinary people” don't really know what they're campaigning or volunteering for?  Read article

From: The Guardian, UK
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