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08 June 2005
Where's the heart in the Volunteering Week? by Josie Appleton
After UK concluded its Volunteers’ Week celebrations, the country is taking stock. In Josie Appleton’s article in Spiked, an online publication, she writes why politics and volunteering don’t mix, arguing that the spontaneity and spirit of volunteering is lost because “the new brand of doing good talks the jargonized language of bureaucracy.”  Read article
30 May 2005
Empowering and recognizing the catalyst: International Volunteer Manager Appreciation Day by Nan Hawthorne
Nan Hawthorpe believes it is only appropriate to acknowledge volunteer managers’ work by designating a day for them. Nan used to manage the CyberVPM, a discussion list programme of volunteer managers, operated by the US-based Association of Volunteer Administration (AVA).  Read article

From: Charity Channel
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22 April 2005
How over-regulation is killing volunteerism by Jan McCallum
The Victorian Government's proposed law requiring a police check for almost every person working with children will discourage some people from volunteering but it won't surprise anyone who is already active in community groups.  Read article

From: The Age, Australia
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22 April 2005
Volunteering is a win-win situation by Katherine Demopoulos
Volunteering has a strong history in the UK, but thanks to the hard-hitting team of the chancellor, Gordon Brown, and former home secretary David Blunkett, its profile has never been higher.  Read article

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30 March 2005
'We' generation's embracing service by Steven Culbertson
Despite global unrest, young people remain dedicated to making the world a better place. Nearly 80 percent of the 9,891 youth who responded to a recent survey conducted by the PBS kids show "ZOOM'' said that they volunteer in their communities.  Read article

From: Whittier Daily News
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