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24 April 2008
Back to basics: Volunteerism and fundamental philanthropy by Nicole Boles
Fundamental philanthropy, it seems, has become more mainstream in recent years than ever before. The goal in life seems to be changing. An elemental emphasis on 'philanthropy' has recently shifted to a popular focus of 'social responsibility'. And the truth is, even though we may not be rich, famous celebrities, we all have something powerful that must be given to society!  Read article

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16 April 2008
Volunteerism in Islam by Dr. Ahmad Hussein Sakr
Dr Ahmad Hussein Sakr. In Islam there is a strong ethic of volunteerism. This does not simply extend to running study circles or fundraising for the masjid. As Muslims, we see our role as world citizens. The idea of working for a better society or community shouldn't be limited to the Muslim community but should extend to the broader non-Muslim community as well. Because we live in that community too, whatever weaknesses are present affect us also.  Visit site
31 March 2008
There's virtue in volunteering by Billy Baker
When people volunteer for a medical trial, they were thinking about their own health. Ken Getz, who founded a non-profit for medical trial participation, says that while the volunteers are undergoing treatment, they realize that the results might not help them but actually help other people.   Read article

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20 March 2008
Reaching out to volunteers by Simon Teasdale
Simon Teasdale from the Institute of Volunteer Research, looks at new research on volunteering, particularly among people at risk of social exclusion.  Read article
11 March 2008
Looking for new (volunteer) faces by Debbie Andalo
The typical student volunteer is white, middle-class and female - but work is under way to change all that.  Read article

From: The Guardian, UK
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