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03 March 2008
Narrowing the gap by Sally Brown
The first UK funded gap-year students will set off in a few months to undertake voluntary work. Sally Broom, of Your Safe Planet, on the drive to create better 'global citizens'.  Read article
15 February 2008
Is volunteerism the new vacation? by Jonathan Cheng
Queens, Australia: Students are increasingly spending their vacations immersed in a variety of volunteer work. Royal Military College student Wesley Tse spent last summer in Haiti with a religious organization helping to plan and develop a new orphanage.  Read article
A Colombian worker selects roses ahead of St. Valentine's Day in a Farm in Chia, January 30, 2008. (REUTERS/Jose Miguel Gomez)
13 February 2008
Be my ethical Valentine by Joanne Tomkinson
If you want some advice about how to be a romantic humanitarian this Valentine's Day, the UK Department for International Development, has ideas for choosing the right ethical gift for your partner.  Read article

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07 January 2008
Time to check bogus volunteer organizations by Oken Jeet Sandham
India is yet to formulate legal framework and still many voluntary organizations in the country and hundreds in the north east have been receiving foreign aids, most of the time directly from the donors. Thus, in the absence of a clear legal definition of what constitutes voluntary work and a volunteer, some laws and regulations can inadvertently have an impact on voluntary action.   Read article

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18 December 2007
Volunteerism, Empowerment, and Human Dignity by Robert Leigh
In CIVICUS' newsletter focusing human rights, Robert Leigh, UNV Senior Policy Specialist, argues against the perception that access to volunteering opportunities is not perceived as a right, or being a "one-way" process with the rich helping the poor. He discussed the shift in volunteering as a two-way process and illustrated this through UNV's project involving people affected with HIV/AIDS.  Read article

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