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11 December 2007
What sort of universal service will candidates embrace? by Ross Mackenzie
In the run up to the US presidential elections next year, opinion writer Ross Mackenzie questions what kind of civic engagement or volunteering scheme candidates will support.

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11 December 2007
Botswana gov't official: 'Volunteers are stigmatised' by Thato Chwaane
A senior government official in Botswana said that volunteers have been stigmatised as people who cannot get jobs.  Read article

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07 December 2007
From ‘Fordist’ volunteering to volunteer network by Bruno Ayres and Fabiano Morais
Bruno Ayres and Fabiano Morais, of Portal do Voluntário and Comunitas, respectively, looked into volunteer management vis-a-vis automobile giant Henry Ford's theory. Fordism is "the economic philosophy that widespread prosperity and high corporate profits can be achieved by high wages that allow the workers to purchase the output they produce, such as automobiles."  Read article

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06 December 2007
Volunteerism must be made more relevant by Tshering Palden
Thimphu, Bhutan: It made me very happy and proud to have made another person happy. I think everyone in this world should help one another. This was one of the four presentations made by students about their personal experience of volunteering during this year’s International Volunteer Day celebrations at the Clock Tower Square in Thimphu on December 2.  Read article

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13 November 2007
That's volunteering with a v 
The head of a charity that aims to get young people involved in civic service tells The Guardian's Alexandra Topping, why she's passionate about the potential of youth and believes activism can help them find their place in society  Visit site

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