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16 July 2007
Mandated volunteerism by Carly Bickley
Call me old-fashioned, but community service used to mean something. Charitable work, an important tradition in American culture, once grew out of a family's genuine concern for a cause or from long-standing relationships to houses of worship. And it was based on a shared belief in the value of good deeds. Sadly, it seems we baby boomers took this good and pure idea of service and turned it into its own unique kind of monster.  Read article
14 June 2007
Do volunteers strengthen NGO accountability?  by Karena Cronin
Karena Cronin, a UNV volunteer working for CIVICUS, reflects on volunteers' role in strengthening civil society organizations' accountability, as discussed at the recent CIVICUS World Assembly in Glasgow, Scotland.   Read article

From: Civicus
More about: Civil society
An Olympic volunteer poses beside the 2008 Beijing Olympics volunteer logo. More than 480,000 people applied to become volunteers for the 2008 summer Olympics. (China Daily)
30 May 2007
Dilemma over volunteering or job hunting 
Beijing, China: Most of the Olympic Games volunteers are university students. While they are keen to help out during the international event, they are also concerned about finding a paying job and choose the latter instead. Recent survey shows that majority of the interviewees are worried about employment. They are not only busy with their schoolwork, but also with job-hunting and becoming Olympic volunteers at the same time.  Read article

From: China Daily, China
08 May 2007
I could volunteer a name for pests like this by Carol Sarler
If it looks like a job, quacks like a job, then it is a job. Why give it to unpaid volunteers? Carol Sarler, a former charity trustee, says that one of the lessons she learned is to "resist the entreaties of volunteers in favour of at least minimally paid workers." In this article reposted from the UK daily Times Online, she writes, that "without the mutual discipline of financial contract, you can neither make them (volunteers) do nor stop them (from) doing anything."  What do you think?  Read article

From: Times Online, UK
30 April 2007
Is forced volunteering helping anyone? by Mary Teresa Bitti, CanWest News Service
Some provinces in Canada are engaged in a social experiment -- requiring high school students to put in up to 40 hours volunteering in their communities in order to graduate. But experts are asking: What message are we sending teens if we are equating mandatory community service with volunteering? Volunteer or risk not graduating?  Read article

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