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Volunteer stories
14 April 2009
'Spring Goodwill Week' in Kazakhstan by Svetlana Gladisheva
Pavlodar, Kazakhstan: "By making good things, you add to the world’s goodwill box one important thing, two sincere smiles and endless belief in humanity."  Read article
30 March 2009
A week in Uganda for ex-BBC director by Greg Dyke
Kampala, Uganda: Former Director General for the BBC Greg Dyke recently spent a week in Uganda with VSO staff and his partner Sue Howes, who volunteered there with VSO back in 1968. In his colourful diary Greg vividly describes the excitement of returning to the school Sue volunteered in over 40 years ago and the many challenges children in Uganda are overcoming today.  Visit site
Besides institutional care and the support of orphans, Abebech Gobena's organization has started different developmental activities in rural and urban areas. (WVW)
08 March 2009
Abebech Gobena: A profile in compassion by Tewedros Ayele
Wollo, Ethiopia: Natural disasters and wars serve as a reminder that greed is killing us. It’s women like Abebech Gobena who will save us.  Read article

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Despite the devastation of the 2004 tsunami, some children still enjoy the waves. (K. To)
09 January 2009
Passing it forward in Aceh by Ken To
Banda Aceh, Indonesia: "Very often we do not tend to realize, let alone appreciate, that we already have so much more than most people in the world." A volunteer with International Humanity Foundation relates his teaching experiences in Aceh, Indonesia.  Read article

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MSF's Camp in Your City tours major cities so that the public can learn directly from MSF fieldworkers how life works in a refugee camp. (R. Williams)
05 January 2009
A journey from within by Rosie Williams
Adelaide, Australia: What makes your average lab technician pack it all in to volunteer in Africa? An interview with Olivia Yacoub, a volunteer with MSF.  Read article

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The people you'll meet on these pages are not famous, yet they have touched millions of people's lives through their committment, compassion and courage. They've been baptized as  "trailblazers", "shakers and movers", "disaster responders", among others.  Whatever names they've been called, they have one thing in common -- they've made a difference.