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Art, volunteerism and the MDGs
03 March 2008
by Christian LozaƱes

Pass on your talent. Whatever knowledge we have learned should be imparted to others. This way, the community as well as one's talent will continue to flourish.

This is the idea behind PASA ARTE, an art workshop held by Rock-Ed Iloilo recently. This project benefited the students of Don Ignacio Ramirez Memorial Elementary School in Jayubo, Lambunao. The venue is 60 kilometers from the city and it's headed by principal Rogelio Gumana.

Well-meaning individuals and companies donated 800 books, 400 boxes of crayons and pencils, visual aids, globe miniatures, sharpeners, erasers and refreshments. Then, volunteer artists taught the Grades 4 to 6 students on the basics of art.

At the workshop, Kuris Animators presented Bequest: The Origin of Dinagyang and guided the children throughout the film showing.

Pasa Arte is the second project of Rock Ed Iloilo. Its first project was Bookbigayan.

Rock Ed Iloilo wishes to thank Rotary Club of Metro Iloilo President John Michael Ng and Dr. Paul Francia, who came to Lambunao, too.

Rock Ed is a volunteer group working to provide venues and events for alternative education. It has a ten-year series of alternative education projects.

Through music, the arts, poetry, sports, photography, fashion, graphic design, literature, new approaches to science, film, cultural studies, theatre, dance, and any other way except being in a classroom--the convenors of Rock Ed decided to Rock Society through Education and educate the youth through rock culture.

It holds an alternative class where the substitute teachers are celebrities, musicians, poets, artists, entrepreneurs, writers, et al.

It hosts alternative social studies classes through actual school visits or holding the 'classes' in the events venue itself like bars, restaurants, soccer fields, art galleries, etc.

It is a group of private citizens that coordinate joint projects with other NGOs that are addressing any of the Millennium Development Goals because they believe that poverty should end now.